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PRAYER / Oscar Mendoza

Prayer from Oscar Mendoza on Vimeo.

Directed by Oscar A. Mendoza *
cinematography and editing by Gabriel Comrie Pepin
musicalization by Xavier Paez Haubold.

At the dawn of time, a man and a woman, the result of God's creation, face the challenge of the genesis of our history. At sunset prayer at the end of time, a man and a woman, the result of the weight of this history of misconduct and neglect of its own origin, face the challenge of transcending. Out of every area of contention, their coping strategies are associated with current anti-values, steal, lie and kill, to avoid boredom and survive in a world that offers no future. Find an alternative that promises vain for a change, religious dogma. The conflict is where the personalities of both characters try to accept or challenge the new ruling that might offer a path to happiness. In a symbolic language that can be said Fidio and Lilbe are Adam and Eve of post-modernity, is the opposition between dogma and reason, creation and destruction, ingenuity and intelligence, foreign and consciousness. Fernando Arrabal, the author of the play, is one of the founders of the Theater of Panic in Spain; movement that emerged in the 60s Cold War Europe. The allusion to panic in this movement means to mention a whole human being, therefore Arrabal is interested in showing the contradictory aspects of humanity. Among his most famous works can be mentioned; Cemetery Cars & Picnic on the Battlefield.

You can watch the movie here:

With affection,

Oscar A. Mendoza
Theater Director & Designer
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* Oscar A. Mendoza . Es un escenógrafo y director venezolano que trabajo en el teatro de New York desde hace muchos años

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